Divine Design

A husband and wife team, we can refurbish your entire home for less than a new bathroom or kitchen. You design the budget, and together we re-design the home.  Experts in the field of vision, revision and re-energising.


As a husband and wife team we have brought our skill sets together to create 'Divine Design'. It is a highly innovative way of changing your home on a budget and at the same time ensuring that not only does it look good but it energetically feels good and works.  



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  • Design: Why settle for just a new kitchen or bathroom when you could have it all.  Tell us what you would love to do in your home, and we will show you how you can achieve this on a budget. You could have a 'new look' kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, any room, for less than the cost of re-fitting one room. We will project manage, design and build to your requirements.  


  • Personal Shopper: Offering you a bespoke shopping service, with catalogues to view of kitchen, bathroom furnishings and fittings, supply and fit. Providing support with design and home improvement purchases.


  • Clearing: Helping you to clear the clutter, to let go of things no longer required.  A helping hand is often all that is needed to clear away the old and bring in a renewed energy into your home and life.


  • Cleaning: Once the clutter is gone a spring clean can transform your home and living space, putting the sparkle back.


  • Realignment:  Creating an harmonious space for you to live, through realignment of the energy flow throughout the home. Seeking the best 'energy placing' for your items to bring health, wealth and happiness.


Divine Design Bespoke Services

Stuart's role:


With his skill at renovating homes from top to bottom Stuart is able to take a small or large budget and transform the whole home, often for what it would cost for a new bathroom or kitchen.


Jacqueline's role:


Based on the ancient art of Feng Shui, this service allows for the correct energy flow of the home to bring to you health, happiness, wealth and wellbeing.  


Did you know that financial blocks, health and relationship issues can come from clutter in the home. Placing items against the flow of life can bring blocks in areas of careers and keep you living in the past or fearful of the future.


How does it work?


One house I worked at the owner had a picture of oriental shoes on her hallway wall.  On seeing it I asked if it had been some time since she had been travelling, and indeed she replied that she used to love to travel but illness had prevented her.  I informed her that if she moved the picture to another part of the home she would indeed begin to travel again.  Within one month she not only had booked to go oversees but she also left her job and began a new career.  Sound too easy? Well when you understand that everything is energy, including us, then being able to read energy and bring back the correct energy flow to the home automatically brings it to all areas of your life.



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